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fixed appliances

fixed appliances

Multibracket appliance

As the name implies, fixed dental braces are firmly bonded to the teeth and thus have the great advantage that they do their work 24 hours a day. The best-known fixed appliance is the so-called multi-bracket appliance, where brackets are attached to the teeth and with the aid of an archwire, which runs through brackets the teeth are brought into an ideal arch form. We offer various multibracket appliances.

Metal brackets

There are a variety of different metal brackets. We offer standard stainless steel brackets as well as mini-brackets, in which the archwire is fixed in the bracket slot with colored alastics or metal wires.
Minibrackets have the great advantage that they are aesthetically very appealing, can even be called jewelry pieces and through the graceful design also the oral hygiene is significantly simplified.
We also offer self-ligating brackets, which means that the bow is not attached directly with alastics but with the aid of a mechanism built into the brackets. By means of this improved, continuously acting force transmission, the treatment duration with these brackets can be reduced.

Ceramic brackets

The ceramic brackets, as the name implies, are not out of metal, but out of aesthetically appealing ceramics and are therefore the most unobtrusive visible braces since ceramics resemble the natural tooth color. We offer matching (white) arches or golden arches.

Herbst appliance

The Herbst appliance is a fixed functional orthodontic appliance consisting of bilateral telescopic connecting bars which are attached either to molar bands (metal rings) or individually cast in metal and applied in the upper and lower jaw. A mandibular forward advancement can be varied over the length of the telescopic bars which connect the upper and lower jaw. This appliance works for 24 hours and is a good treatment method for the mandibular advancement especially in adolescents with minor remaining growth.

Mara appliance

The Mara appliance is also a fixed functional orthodontic appliance, which is cast in metal individually. The great advantage over the Herbst appliance is that the upper and lower jaw are not directly connected to one another via telescopic bars, but the lower jaws forward advancement is caused by two separated rods in the upper and lower jaw. This appliance is thus one of the most comfortable and effective functional orthodontic appliances.


The BioBiteCorrector is a device that can be used as an auxiliary for mandibular advancement in case of a multibracket appliance in place. The device, which consists of two telescopes, resembles the Herbst appliance but is clamped directly onto both archwires in addition with an attaching mechanism.

Rapid Maxillary Expander (RME)

A rapid maxillary expander (RME) is indicated to widen the upper jaw. It is usually used to correct crossbites (narrow upper arch) by expanding the maxilla to establish a correct correlation to the lower jaw. This appliance consists of a metal frame which is fixed in place to the molars and first premolars in the upper jaw. 

Transpalatal Arch / Lingual Arch

Transpalatal and lingual arches are auxiliary arches which are used in addition to the multibracket appliance or isolated. The metal arch connects molars along the palate (TPA) or along the tongue space (LA), thus avoiding undesired movements.


The Quadhelix is ​​a fixed orthodontic appliance, also made of metal, which is located along the palate and consists of a metal wire including loops (helices). This appliance is only used in the upper jaw to move certain teeth or groups of teeth.


The Distaljet is a fixed appliance that is made out of plastic and metal and is incorporated on the palate. Functional components (metal springs) cause the upper jaw teeth to move backwards (distally). This device has the same effect as the headgear, but with the great advantage that this device is literally invisible. In addition to that it has a 24 hour effect.


Similar in function to the Distaljet, the Distalslider is fixed to two mini-implants, which are anchored in the palate.


Combined fixed-removable braces


The headgear consists of two metal arches (inner and outer arch). The inner arch is incorporated into tubes which are fixed on the molars (fixed component). The outer bow is connected to an elastic neck band (removable component) so that pulling force can be transferred directly onto the teeth. This visible appliance needs regular wear to move the upper teeth backwards (distally) and thus lost space in the maxillary arch can be recovered.


The lipbumper consists of two fixed metal rings attached on the molars in the mandible (fixed component) and a removable arch with a plastic shield. By inserting the bow into the metal rings, force is transmitted from the lower lip to the posterior teeth which leads to the uprighting of the molars and thus the extension of the mandibular arch.

Delaire mask

The Delaire mask is always worn in combination with a RME (fixed). This removable device is used in cases of an underdeveloped maxilla or progeny growth tendencies. The effect of the Delaire mask is based on the insertion of elastic bands to the RME in the maxilla ,supported by the chin and the forehead, which leads to growth promotion of the upper jaw.


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