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fixed braces

fixed braces

Multibracket appliance

As the name implies, fixed dental braces are firmly bonded to the teeth and thus have the great advantage that they do their work 24 hours a day. The best-known fixed appliance is the so-called multi-bracket appliance, where brackets are attached to the teeth and with the aid of an archwire which runs through brackets the teeth are brought into an ideal arch form. We offer various multibracket appliances.

Metal brackets

There are a variety of different metal brackets. We offer standard stainless steel brackets as well as mini-brackets, in which the archwire is fixed in the bracket slots with colored alastics or metal wires.
Minibrackets have the great advantage that they are aesthetically very appealing, can even be called jewelry pieces and through the graceful design also the oral hygiene is significantly simplified.
We also offer self-ligating brackets, which means that the bow is not attached directly with alastics but with the aid of a mechanism built into the brackets. By means of this improved, continuously acting force transmission, the treatment duration with these brackets can be reduced.

Ceramic brackets

The ceramic brackets, as the name implies, are not out of metal, but out of aesthetically appealing ceramics and are therefore the most unobtrusive visible braces since ceramics resemble the natural tooth color. We offer matching (white) arches or golden arches.


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